Workshop breakfast

08.30 - 09.30

*** Invitation for Seed Factory members only***

Mini breakfast workshop

In today's fast-paced world, we are often disconnected from our body's natural needs.
Junk food, meals on the run, heavy meals in restaurants, soft drinks... Yet our food is our fuel, essential to our physical and mental health.
What if we put healthy, real food back at the heart of our preoccupations?
It's perfectly possible to concoct delicious, healthy meals without sacrificing all your free time!
That's what I'll be proving to you on August 5, during a mini workshop on breakfast (at 8.30).
Join us WITH YOUR MEAL (the basis of our discussion!) and leave with lots of practical tips for rebalancing your diet.
You'll also have the chance to tell me all about your situation and needs during a free discovery appointment (9.30am-12.00pm).
Don't miss it!
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