What precautions can we take against Covid-19?

Precautionary measures implemented by Seed Factory since the start of COVID19 and until the end of the health crisis (updated December 2, 2021) https://coronavirus.brussels/ and https://www.info-coronavirus.be/fr/faq/#id_2).
Employees present in the building (coworkers, freelancers, company employees, etc.) come on a voluntary basis, while teleworking is compulsory. The government has tightened controls on compulsory teleworking. As part of this, an online declaration is planned. The federal government has confirmed that compulsory teleworking will be maintained for the staff of every company, association and service over the next few weeks, unless the nature of the function or the continuity of the management of companies and organizations, services and activities prevent it. In order to reinforce the monitoring of this measure, all employers will be required to communicate a limited number of data to the NSSO each month, starting in April: the number of employees on duty on the 1st working day of the month who do not perform a teleworking function. Where a company has several business units, it must indicate the number of employees per business unit.

Everyone must wear a mask in all common areas of the Seed Factory. Protective measures and disinfection. Reusable cloth masks (depending on stock) are available at reception.

Disinfectant gel dispensers throughout the site in common areas (6 hydroalcoholic gel dispensers located at the building entrance, kitchen entrance, in front of the bubbles, and on each floor at the entrance to the corridor leading to the toilets and meeting rooms).

Temperature scanner placed before reception: you are asked to take your temperature on arrival. No information is stored, no touch contact with the screen.

Disinfectant sprays available in common areas.
Use of highly disinfectant products by the cleaning team.
A physical distance of 1mt 50 must be maintained in common areas.
Tenants who are ill or showing symptoms should stay at home.
Recommendation to wash hands properly and several times a day.
Co2 sensor for measuring indoor air quality.
Layout and use of common areas, signage, Plexiglas walls around the reception area.
Distancing stickers in atrium, coffee machine, kitchen entrance, corridors to toilets, lunch area.
Signs on doors to common areas.
Meeting rooms
Signs on the door of each room: bubble 1 person, big room 4 people, rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors 2 people. When the meeting is over, the occupant sprays the table with disinfectant.
In each meeting room: 1 Dettol spray + pack of paper towels for table cleaning. Please inform reception if any equipment is missing.
Lunch with social distancing in the Atrium on several levels,one person at a time on the sofa,
no groups of people.
Regular disinfection of snack and Coke machine contact points.
Temporarily, no more magazines or newspapers on the shelves.
Coffee machine
In operation unless safety measures not respected. If in operation, respect distances indicated by strips on the ground.
Regular disinfection of display (spray/wipes available).
One person at a time in the kitchen,use of refrigerators maintained,disinfection ofmicrowave contact points after each use (Dettol spray or wipes available).
Seed dishes may not be kept in the office, and must be taken down to the kitchen every evening.
One person at a time,respecting ground distance lines,compulsory hand washing after each passage.
To go up: use the atrium stairs, respecting the distances.
To descend: use the emergency staircases, respecting the distances.
Respect distances during breaks, on benches and in the parking lot.
You can use the ping pong table for playing or eating - just replace it after use.
Use of airco in offices and meeting rooms
The tenant is responsible for the airco in his office if he wishes to turn it on in his workspace. Seed Factory guarantees annual maintenance of the equipment on site.
The cleaning team carries out the usual cleaning, using highly disinfectant products and insisting on the cleaning of contact points, i.e. door handles, mice, telephones, machine buttons, taps, with anti-virus sprays purchased for the occasion, ....
Do you have any questions about our precautionary measures? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
The Seed Factory team
Precautionary measures Covid-19 - Seed Factory