18.00 - 19.30

events - BizzFactory - Algorithms & Marketing Manager Blues.

Algorithms & Marketing Director Blues. AI for modern marketing

Albert Derasse and the Seed Factory team invite you to the launch of the first French-language book on AI in the marketing sector in Belgium.
The book is the work of a marketing enthusiast whose career led him, somewhat by chance, to cross paths with algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.
Popular, didactic and packed with experience and case studies, "Algorithmes & blues du Directeur Marketing" attempts to shed light on the role that AI can play alongside Marketing and Sales Departments to better serve the 2.0 consumer.
The book lifts the veil on a series of AI-related concepts, making them accessible to those uninitiated in code, and proposes an approach for reconciling Artificial Intelligence and Natural Intelligence to meet the challenges facing our organizations.