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Awareness Beyond Covid

1) Posture: adapting my workstation to make it as ergonomic as possible
2) Breathing: becoming aware of my breath and observing it throughout the day
3) Movement: movement is life, a few simple daily exercises
4) Outdoors: whether on foot or by bike, getting a breath of fresh air outdoors is essential.
5) Nutrition: find the resources and energy you need in food
6) Sleep: preparing for a good night's sleep means preparing for a productive day.
7) Organization: plan and pace my day to be efficient, while keeping time for myself.
30' Zoom meeting based on these 7 themes Questions & answers, practical and interactive (max 10)
Every Tuesday from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Online event
Marc Baudaux
Physiotherapist and coach
Founder of AWARENESS Office