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How can LN24 help you in times of confinement?

Date: April 01, 2020
Schedule: at 2:30 pm
Video conference

We are offering a free videoconference for Seed Factory members this Wednesday at 2:30 pm with Jean-François Thayer on the topic "How can LN24 help you in times of confinement?

LN24 is Belgium's leading all-news channel.
At LN24, we think content. We were born in the digital world. We're independent, innovative and irreverent, using the tools of today and tomorrow to broadcast credible and relevant information on business, politics, society, culture and sport.
Above all, we believe in the power of quality information.

Who is it?
LN24 was founded in October 2018 by Martin Buxant, Joan Condijts and Boris Portnoy. The company's capital is held by its three founders as well as four investors: bancassurer Belfius, construction group Besix, Giles Daoust and Jean-Pierre Lutgen. LN24's studios and editorial staff are based in Brussels.

What is LN24?
LN24 is an independent media company. The company's articles of association guarantee editorial autonomy. LN24 covers political and economic news, both national and international, decodes social movements and embraces sporting and cultural events. LN24 verifies the information it publishes and offers a positive approach to current affairs.

Where to find LN24?
VOO : Channel 12
Telenet: Channel 16
Proximus Pickx : Channel 18
Orange : Channel 90
On all social networks.

Organized by Edouard Cambier, Vanessa Dereymaeker
Free videoconference via Zoom

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