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Comment faire passer un message au niveau Européen ?

Date: le 21 avril 2020
Horaires : à 14h30
En vidéo conférence

Nous vous proposons une vidéoconférence gratuite ce mardi à 14h30 avec Laurent Brihay sur le thème "Comment faire passer un message au niveau Européen via 1000 journalistes membres du Press Club Brussels Europe ? "

The Press Club Brussels Europe is a joint initiative of the associations of international journalists based in Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region and opened its doors in December 2010 with the aim of providing a forum for conferences and debates with and among members of the media.
It was born from an initiative of the Brussels Capital Region, aware that a Press Club was needed in this city.

It is the first club of its kind to be created in Brussels, and within the first three months it saw more than 1,000 journalists and guests cross its threshold. Five years after its inauguration, it continues to provide both visiting and Brussels-based journalists with a platform to express their thoughts and ideas and to share them with others.

Since its opening, over 1500 events have been organized in the club (totaling more than 50.000 visitors), of which many were initiatives of embassies and permanent representations to the EU. Also the world of trade and industry with headquarters in Brussels; associations and NGOs; lobby groups and think tanks have found their way to our club.

The Press Club Brussels Europe has been elected to head the annual presidency of the European Federation of PressClubs from April 2013 till April 2014 and is an active member of the International Association of Press Clubs.

The Press Club Brussels Europe acts as a hub to promote partnerships with other press clubs around the world. The twinning with more than 120 Press Clubs is a testimony to the status of the Press Club Brussels Europe.

Organisé par Edouard Cambier, Vanessa Dereymaeker
Vidéoconférence gratuite via Zoom

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