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A commonly accepted idea is that boys are born in cabbages, girls are born in roses and storks deliver everything to their homes.

Another more recent idea is that pictos are born on the Net. A nuance separates these 2 assertions: the Net does indeed produce pictos that you simply have to harvest. Our time is therefore one of peaceful visual, sound, intellectual and maritime piracy. What's more, isn't this 5-letter diminutive simplistic? Don't we say: grosso modo, mémo, bobo, métro, boulot, dodo for approximate notions? One of the picto's many paradoxes is to pay tribute to the "authors" who have worked for its glory in Belgium. And in this exhibition, we'll see the picto in a costume it's not always known for:

The picto, an invitation to art and cartoons.

The pictogram breaks with the clean aesthetic.

The picto hijacked, manipulated, tweaked.

The picto for the love of the letter.

The playful picto for the love of the sign.

The fake picto, just for the fun of it.

A wink to the picto for those who don't display pictos. Of course, you'll also see :

The picto as a solution to the explosion of complexity.

The pure and simple picto, the little soldier of computer graphics.

So thank you to the 30 participants in this exhibition who redeem us from lame codes, meaningless signs and boredom.

PS: After more than 25 exhibitions at Seed Factory, I'm only touching on the question of the picto. This subject seemed so obvious to me that I put it off from season to season. It took me 10 years to realize my mistake.

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Assisted by: Frédérique Gibon