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Johnny Bekaert

Many of Johnny Bekaert's alphabets have a slightly gritty, Kafkaesque look, while others are designed like hand lettering for posters and covers.

As Johnny grew up with Tintin, Lucky Luke and Spirou, his spectacular posters are inevitably in the best vein of Belgian humor.
Luc Devroye - McGill University, Montreal

My friend Johnny Bekaert's working method is anything but conventional. For each design, he has plenty of time to choose from the unfathomable range of existing fonts. And yet, every time, he opts for an original typographic creation that will be faster. He superbly ignores what exists and always opts for a personal creation: an alphabet entirely dedicated to the subject. Johnny Bekaert, a veritable cover factory for the books he dresses with his exuberant images.
Ben Bos - Total Design, Amsterdam - AGI/BNO/hon.I

It's a privilege to announce Johnny Bekaert's first major exhibition. This internationally renowned graphic designer, typographer and illustrator is better known abroad than at home. But those who know him and admire his talent know that behind his work we SEE the man. And he's one of the best. Yes, the fairies have bent over his cradle. And in the world of images, where most creators have a full life with a single (and unique) gift from heaven, Johnny multiplies the gifts with a trilogy of skills that is the mark of the greatest: those who, like Dooreman or Milton Glaser, are graphic designers with a sharp eye, bulimic creators of alphabets and frightfully gifted illustrators.
Michel Michiels - Founder, Maison de l'Image