The Maison de l'Image showcases the very best in image, graphic design and illustration from Belgium and around the world, for professionals and the general public alike.


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Each exhibition is accompanied by a limited-edition catalog. It is offered free of charge to guests at the opening and to visitors while quantities last, not forgetting participants. 

The Maison de l'Image is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.


The principle of participation in exhibitions is invitation. It is not a competition in which the organizers judge which projects will be invited to participate.

The organizers take responsibility for their selection. This method is appreciated by the authors, and we haven't changed it yet. Knowing that the organizers' choice is necessarily subjective, it will never be unanimous, and they assume their selection".

Get involved

The Maison de l'Image seeks to uncover what the best are doing.

Wherever you are in the world, make yourself known to one of the commissioners:






Participation in an exhibition at the Maison de l'Image implies authorization to reproduce the work in the catalog, in press releases, in media coverage, on the Internet, on blogs and in any other media that may contribute to the success of the exhibition. It also implies participation in future invitations not yet known in Belgium or other countries. Copyrights apply to these other exhibition venues.

Exhibitions at La Maison de l'Image

House of Images

Objectif Pub

Key visual square
House of Images


House of Images

Music Graphic 1

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House of Images

Lucky Luke

The curators


Jean-Louis Lejeune

Jean Louis Lejeune, having created and run the Etcætera studio, has enabled him to design posters, books, campaigns, websites, films - in short, to draw and play designer whenever the opportunity arises.
Maison de l'Image - Vincent-Baudoux

Vincent Baudoux

Artist and Teacher

Trained in contemporary art and advertising, he joined the Instituts Saint-Luc in Brussels in 1961. He remained there until 2011, teaching Visual Communication. Hence his interest in popular images, cartoons, humor and humoristic drawings. In 1972, he was one of the founders of Erg.

02 Johnny Bekaert

Johnny Bekaert

Graphic Designer and Draftsman

Graphic designer, alphabet creator, draughtsman - "Prix Nicolas Goujon" Paris, "Medaille de bronze" Biennial for Graphic Design Brno, "Prezzo Quadragonodoro" Treviso, 'Choice of the Jury. His book Letterhead+Logo Design 12', Ed. Rockport Massachusetts is published worldwide. www.johnnybekaert.be

La Maison de l'Image - Cost

Constantin Sunnerberg

Field draftsman

Constantin Sunnerberg alias Cost. is an all-round cartoonist, particularly active in press and cartoon art. He has won 60 awards in 19 different countries for these two areas of his pencil.

04 Michel Michiels

Michel Michiels

Graphic Designer and Teacher

Michel Michiels trained as a graphic designer and won the "golden sign" for industrial design. He soon turned to creative direction, alternating between graphic communications, advertising, writing and teaching at La Cambre. He is the founder of the Maison de l'image in Brussels.

05 Patrick Regout

Patrick Regout

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

As early as 1990, he was noticed by the Artistic Director of Esquire magazine. Thanks to his graphic style, inherited from the Belgian "ligne claire" and tinged with a good dose of British humor, the illustrator from Verviers collaborates with numerous Anglo-Saxon publications. patrickregout.ultra-book.com